Active School Week
▪ The school has created new opportunities to exercise where the emphasis is on fun eg: Inter class activities, Yoga, Drop Everything and Dance, Seasonal Discos, Active travel, Céilí Mór etc. These activities encourage participation from all children and create a great ‘active’ atmosphere around the school. These fun and active initiatives will be continued as part of our Active School week.
▪ Active School Week will take place in Scoil Íde from May 21st-May 25th 2018
▪ As part of our Active School Week we will have:
❖ A triathlon programme for fifth and sixth classes – swim, bike and run workshops
❖ GAA coaching sessions for 1st-6th class
❖ Hurling coaching sessions for 1st class
❖ Yoga workshops for infants – 4th class
❖ Tennis for 3rd and 4th class
❖ Exercise bootcamp for 5th and 6th class
❖ Playworks for Infants
❖ ‘Women in Sport’ talk for senior classes
❖ Buddy Walk – Junior to second class
❖ Fun Run – 3rd to 6th class
❖ Members of Connacht Rugby visiting the school
❖ Wake Up Shake Up every morning
❖ 10 @ 10 every day
❖ Chair breaks
❖ WOW – Whole school involvement on Wednesday 23rd May
❖ All teachers and children wear PE uniform for the whole week
❖ Active home-work sent home as homework every day (and for the remainder of the year, please prescribe PE homework on days that children have PE)
❖ Active Lines – committee will lead a simple movement series while the children are in their lines on yard
❖ Daily mile challenge (15 minutes running or jogging around the yard, at a convenient time for you and your class)
❖ All classes will be participating in the Land PAWS water safety programme– teaching of the programme is mandatory between now and the end of the year (resources have been ordered)
❖ Timetable of events for the week in School Foyer.
❖ Active Flag noticeboard has been updated by the Active Flag Committee

Whole School Initiative
Run Around Europe Challenge
Well done to all the children and teachers of Scoil Íde who participated in the ‘Run Around Europe’ initiative as part of the BeActive campaign in conjunction with European week of Sport!

We had great fun running laps of our school yard. Each class ran to a designated European city. We had to use our mathematical knowledge to calculate how many laps each child should run in order to reach our destination! We furthered our learning by finding out about different European cities. Some of us even learnt how to say ‘Hello’ in different European languages.