Last week was Biodiversity Week and it’s good to see that biodiversity is alive and well in Scoil Íde.

Our gooseberry and red currant bushes that we planted last year are thriving and have a lovely crop of berries and the strawberry plant has again produced some beautiful flowers with strawberries on the way.

The lawn which has not been mowed for “No Mow May” is lush with daisies, buttercups and other flowers so the bees and insects will be happy for the summer months.

Huge thanks to Ray McGuire who has busy planting our raised beds with shallots, lettuce, carrots and courgettes. They are very thirsty in this beautiful weather but will hopefully yield a lovely crop over the next couple of months.

Thanks to Ms. Long who has also been doing a spot of gardening for us and for sending in the lovely photos.